Project Description


Kiwa Cermet Italia is a company which currently employs more than 180 people in nine different locations around Italy. It is part of the international Kiwa group, which has a presence in over 40 countries; with around 5,000 employees and turnover of more than 550 million Euros, it is one of the top 20 companies in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector.
Their services create trust in the products, services, processes, management systems and professional abilities of their customers. They do so in a wide range of market sectors, from construction to the water and energy sector, from healthcare to the aerospace industry. The company’s four Italian laboratories, all modern, highly qualified and well equipped, test the quality, safety and performance of products entering the market. Last but not least, training completes Kiwa Italia’s range of services, with more than 100 courses run all over Italy in over 12 different training areas.


The company’s vision is to provide services all over the world and to support clients from all sectors: this clearly occurs via web portals, requiring an enormous amount of data and information, which is stored in the company and transmitted to customers. For them, data availability is fundamental: for example, they carry out tests which run for weeks, and the functional continuity of the machines must be guaranteed.
One inefficiency the company had to deal with consisted of the fact that the previous infrastructure had issues with the back-up windows: it was difficult to recover data older than a fortnight.
Given the fast growth of the business, one of their goals was undoubtedly to increase the quantity of business which could be supplied.


This was where IFI came in, carrying out a technological refresh of the IT infrastructure which had had performance problems over the years. Our work took place over a very limited period of time – from late 2017, the completion of the work took just six months.
The entire infrastructure was located in the Telecom data centre in Bologna, and our work allowed the high reliability goals to be achieved: 
the environment is now protected, and 4/5 levels of security are required for access.
We also implemented disaster-recovery solutions and eliminated machine obsolescence: we used all-flash HPE storage, 10 GB/s networks and Synergy products to replace old server technologies.


As well as solving this specific problem, we can say that the solution developed for Kiwa using Synergy products has a lower-than-average degree of obsolescence and is scalable for any future expansion; it is also compatible with the new technologies which will be coming out over the next 2-3 years.
In short, the solution allows growth of the business and is safe because the decentralisaton of the data centre means that in the event of technical problems or faults, the dedicated environment will not have any problems whatsoever.
Moreover, the new machines have also solved the problems that at times prevented continuity of service to users.