Project Description


Application solutions combined with building automation to frame digitisation requirements for work premises. Wi-Fi, Building Automation, Room Booking, Desk Booking, Smart Pass, Energy & Light Management and Video Engagement solutions available for customers who wish to automate the management of their work premises, or else simply improve the use of company resources.

Solutions that IFI offers manufacturers to support them in their Digital Transformation (Industry 4.0). FTTi, Performance Monitoring, Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning, all technologies which allow production processes to be made more efficient and intelligent.

Customised web and mobile apps to provide the best possible support for the products and services offered to IFI clients. Out-of-the-box and custom vertical solutions for all market sectors.

Solutions which allow active customer engagement thanks to location-based marketing, permitting companies to reach the right audience.
 With IFI’s solutions, companies can create a digital identity for their customers, in compliance with privacy regulations (e.g. the GDPR), combining the online and offline worlds.

Solutions to collect precious location and business data to aid in making more prudent business decisions and assess their effectiveness in an objective manner.

IFI’s analytics solutions allow companies to acquire data on foot traffic and check how often people visit the locations, how they move and their dwell time. These solutions also allow data from the network or from IoT solutions to be processed in a highly effective manner via powerful AI algorithms.



Business Area