Project Description


Coopservice is a major Italian player in the design, delivery and management of integrated services to businesses. In over thirty years, Coopservice has built its leadership on the quality of service delivered to businesses, providing timely responses and customized services.
The Coopservice network connects 140 branch offices and one datacenter. The telecommunications network is managed by Telecom Italia. The main corporate applications using the network are As400, Citrix, SAP, HR, Exchange and Lync, as well as some line of business applications including Financial, Logistics and Marketing.


Coopservice wants to be a leader in the integrated services market with innovation and quality of work: focusing on customers and enhancing the professionalism and aspirations of its employees.
Coopservice has always been committed to improve its quality of services in order to meet customers’ expectations. Over the last few years, Coopservice has created an integrated business management system for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, as well as Social Responsibility.
To reach that goal of excellence, the Group’s business strategy aims to:

• Deliver best-in-class services to the
• customers;
• Provide personalized and timely
• responses to customers needs;
• Develop a spirit of innovation;
• Maximize productivity and team
• collaboration;
• Consolidate market shares.


In order to support the group’s strategic objectives above, while saving costs, the IT department developed five IT initiatives:

1. Replace the former ERP with SAP.
2. Move the HR application to thecloud.

The HR application is one of the main top business critical applications used by Coopservice. In order to simplify maintenance, control performance and increase scalability, it has been decided to move this application to the cloud.

“Our main assets are the people which represent 75% of our costs. Delivering best-in-class quality of service on our HR application is critical for the company’s productivity and people efficiency.”

Says Gianfranco Scocco, CIO at Coopservice.

3. Deploy Microsoft Lync to support employees’ mobility and collaboration.
4. Improve IT efficiency.
5. Optimize use of existing network resources.


Strongly reduce time to innocence and solve applications performance issues:
• Quickly identify performance issues source;
• Eliminate all network-related performance issues;
• Provide IT operation teams with precise information about application traffic and performance.

“We spent too much time on troubleshooting, identifying and solving applications’ performance problems. We needed to find a solution to quickly reduce incidents and continually align application performance with business objectives. Our goal was to be close to zero regarding the number of helpdesk tickets on applications’ performance.”

Adds Gianfranco Scocco.

Protect end-users productivity:
• Allow successful deployment of SAP, Lync and cloud HR Apps without impacting end-users working day;
• Deliver excellent quality of service to the users whether they are located at the headquarters, at a small branch office or on the customer’s site;
• Prioritize users of SAP, HR and line of business apps against less critical others.
• Reduce costs:
• Avoid bandwidth upgrades;
• Decrease the number of calls to the service desk;
• Reduce time to deploy SAP and cloud HR applications.

“We made an internal analysis in 2013 and found that we are losing 10% of daily productivity due to application performances troubles. It’s incredible and no longer acceptable.”

Specifies Gianfranco Scocco.