Project Description


IFI made the decision to focus on cloud services before the rest of the market, and today has a huge range of solutions to meet all its clients’ requirements.

Networking, virtualisation, processing and storage within a modular architecture managed and oriented to offer custom “as a service” solutions. Client requirements centre around streamlining data centres through consolidation of the old on-premise infrastructure into environments with higher standards of environmental security, without the worry of investments in hardware subject to obsolescence.

IFI’s solutions leverage the effectiveness of the cloud, while guaranteeing the support and experience of a local partner.

Different needs, different services:

Management of company mailboxes? Problem solved.
Storing emails in a cloud-based system offers an email archive on powerful, secure machines housed in protected, well-maintained environments. This guarantees improved security and protection against data loss. In a single step, you solve your backup, security, device synchronisation, redundancy and domain management issues – no more full mailboxes, and no more costs for the internal mail server.

Easy and secure collaboration within the company.
Mailbox Exchange allows communication and collaboration between colleagues by exploiting the potential of the cloud and Microsoft Outlook®: scalable, flexible, always up to date and monitored with the latest antispam technology.

Backups are not your problem – concentrate on your business!
We will worry about keeping your data and applications safe in the IFI Cloud Centre, available and monitored 24/7 in accordance with the strictest disaster-recovery policies.

Safe as houses: we will take care of your company’s servers.
Physical transfer of the servers, or storage on our systems: managing physical machines is one more problem you won’t have to worry about.

Do you need hosting space? We offer the space you need, for as long as you need it.
For hosting a website, a virtual server or data storage, without server management commitments.



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